How to Make Galley Kitchen Look Bigger

Make Galley Kitchen Look Bigger

Make Galley Kitchen Look Bigger

Welcome to the galley kitchen, which serves as the beating heart of your home. It may appear to be cosy, but we have all had the experience of wishing for a little bit more space to move around in while we are creating a masterpiece. The good news is that it is not just a dream in order to make your galley kitchen look bigger. We are going to go into some straightforward yet enchanted ideas that will help you change that cramped culinary haven into a roomy retreat.

1. Embrace the Power of Light

Lighting is a great way to make something look bigger than it is. To make the room feel bigger, choose bright, general lighting. Installing under-cabinet lights can get rid of shadows and make your kitchen look warmer. If you want lots of natural light, don’t block any of those windows.

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2. Know When to Use Light Colours

When choosing colours, think about how they make you feel. Colours like white, soft grey, and pastels can make your kitchen look bigger. When you paint the walls, cabinets, and countertops the same colour, the room will feel bigger because the colours belong together.

3. Reflect with Mirrors and Glass

You don’t have to keep your mirrors in the living room. Putting mirrors in your small kitchen in a smart way will reflect light and give the room a sense of depth. You could use cabinets with glass doors to show off your favourite items and make the room feel more open and airy.

4. Storage solutions that are easier to use

Any room can feel crowded when it’s full of stuff. To keep your galley kitchen neat, buy smart storage options. To make the most of every space, use upright storage, pull-out shelves, and furniture that can be used for more than one thing. A kitchen that is well-organized feels bigger right away.

5. Designs that are sleek and easy to use

Keep it simple and sleek. Choose fixtures, tools, and cabinet handles that are simple. Stay away from busy designs and rough textures that can make the room feel small. Minimalism can help you make a room look bigger than it is.

6. Pick out a focal point

Use a focus point to draw the eye to something else. It could be a bright backsplash, a stylish hanging light, or a piece of art that makes a statement. Putting a focal point in the right place can make a room look bigger and give your kitchen style.

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7. Make your space look bigger

Make a visual link between areas that are next to each other. If you can, make the floor of your open kitchen go into the rooms next to it. The area feels bigger and more connected because of this smooth flow.

8. Use of mirrored surfaces in a smart way

Some surfaces, like a border with mirrors, can really change the game. They not only add a bit of glitz, but they also spread light around the room, making it feel bigger.

9. Floors that create optical illusions

Change the designs on the floor to make optical illusions. Patterns like diagonals or herringbones can make the floor look longer, which will make your tiny kitchen look bigger.

10. Bring in plants

Plants aren’t just for big homes. Add some plants to your galley kitchen, like a hanging pot or a small herb garden on the windowsill. Having nature around makes things feel fresh and open.


your small kitchen can be more than just useful; it can also be a stylish and roomy haven. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to turn a small kitchen into a large cooking space by following these simple tips. Cheers to making big dreams come true in your newly bigger tiny kitchen!

FAQs About Making Your Galley Kitchen Look Bigger

Can changing the lighting really make my galley kitchen look bigger?

Of course! Having the right lighting, especially both bright and soft choices, can make a kitchen look bigger than it is. For the best result, think about adding under-cabinet lights and making the most of natural light.

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How do light colors help in making a galley kitchen appear larger?

Colours that are light, like white and soft grey, let light in and make a room feel bigger. When you use the same colour scheme on the walls, cabinets, and countertops, the whole room looks better and feels bigger.

Is it advisable to use mirrors in a galley kitchen?

Yes, mirrors can make a small kitchen look great. They make the room feel bigger by reflecting light and giving it a sense of depth. To improve this effect, you could place mirrors in smart ways or use cabinets with glass doors.

How can I keep my galley kitchen organized to make it look more spacious?

Smart ways to store things are very important. To make the most of your room, buy vertical storage, pull-out shelves, and furniture that can be used for more than one thing. By keeping your kitchen clean and organised, you can quickly make it feel bigger.

Does a sleek design really make a difference in a galley kitchen?

Yes, a sleek and simple design can make it look like there is more room. A more open and airy feel can be achieved by using streamlined appliances, simple cabinet handles, and staying away from heavy textures.

Can a galley kitchen have a focal point?

Of course. A colourful backsplash, a stylish pendant light, or a one-of-a-kind piece of art can be used as a focal point to draw attention away from the room’s size and add personality and interest.

Are there specific flooring patterns that can make a galley kitchen look bigger?

If you have a galley kitchen, diagonal or herringbone flooring designs can make the room look bigger by making the floor look longer. It’s an easy visual trick that works well.

How does introducing greenery contribute to the perceived size of a galley kitchen?

Plants bring nature and fresh air into the kitchen, making it feel warmer and more open. Adding plants, even if it’s just a small herb garden on the windowsill or hanging pots, can make a room feel bigger.

Can I make my galley kitchen look bigger by extending flooring into adjacent areas?

Yes, extending the flooring from your small kitchen into the rooms next to it makes the whole area look bigger and more connected. It gets rid of sight obstacles, making the space feel more open.

Are there budget-friendly ways to make a galley kitchen look bigger?

Many of the tips, like changing the lighting, using different colours of light, and getting rid of junk, are easy on the wallet. Small changes, like putting up plants or mirrors, can make a big difference without spending a lot of money.

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