5 Easy DIY Planters You Can Make

Easy DIY Planters You Can Make

Easy DIY Planters You Can Make

Flowers add colors to our lives. With their bright colors and soothing presence, they have an uncanny knack for making any place feel like a cozy haven. But why stop with them alone? Instead of using flowers, why not let the planters themselves add some design and personality to your home?

If you are nodding agreeably to this, then, you’ve come to the right place. This blog post is focused on the easy DIY planters you can make. And as we start this DIY planter-making adventure, we’ll let out our inner planter pros and make some truly one-of-a-kind beauties. Don’t worry—these projects are so easy that even people who have never done DIY before can create beautiful results.

1. The Upcycled Tea Tin Planter

The Upcycled Tea Tin Planter

Remember those cute old tea tins that look like they could hold a lot of stories? Now is the time to start over with them. There are a few easy steps you can follow to turn these tins into great places to grow small plants or cacti.

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Just empty the tin and make sure there are no tea leaves left inside. After that, use a hammer and nail to make some drainage holes in the bottom. Now, let your imagination run wild! You can paint the tin bright colors, add decoupage to it, or leave it as is to show off its natural, old beauty.

2. The Quirky Coconut Shell Planter

The Quirky Coconut Shell Planter

The simple coconut shell is the perfect planter if you want to add some tropical theme to your space. Once filled with cool coconut water, these strong shells can now be used to keep your small plants warm.

Carefully crack open a coconut, take out the meat, and wash the shell well. Just drill a few drainage holes in the bottom, and it’s done! You can put your best small plant in your unique coconut shell planter now.

3. The Rustic Wooden Crate Planter

The Rustic Wooden Crate Planter

Because of their rustic look and usefulness, wooden boxes are great for growing bigger plants. For those who want to add a touch of country style to their home or make a cute herb garden for their patio, these crates are perfect.

To keep the wood from getting wet, just line the box with landscaping fabric or plastic sheeting. You can put your favorite herbs, flowers, or small shrubs after adding potting soil to it.

4. The Recycled Glass Jar Planter

The Recycled Glass Jar Planter

You can now use those glass jars that used to hold your favorite jams or sauces for something else: as beautiful plants for your table or windowsill.

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Clean the jars very well and take off any labels. Put some rocks or gravel in the jar to help it drain, and then fill it with potting soil. Put your best small plants in the glass, like succulents or herbs, and watch them grow.

5. The Macrame Plant Hanger

The Macrame Plant Hanger

Macrame plant hangers are the best choice if you want a pot that can also be used as art. These detailed works of art made from natural fibers give any room a bohemian vibe.

You can find different shaped and sized macramé plant clips at craft stores or on the internet. If you want to be really skilled, you can even try making one yourself.


These DIY planters are just a starting point. With a little imagination and creativity, you can transform almost anything into a unique and personalized planter. So, gather your supplies, unleash your creativity, and let your planter-making journey begin!

FAQs about Easy DIY Planters You Can Make

What are DIY planters?

DIY planters are pots or containers that you make yourself and use to put and grow plants. These can be made from a lot of different things, even things that have already been used.

Why make your own planters?

Making your own planters allows you to personalize your gardening experience, save money, and upcycle materials. It’s a creative way to add unique touches to your home or garden.

What are some suitable plants for DIY planters?

You can plant a wide variety of plants in DIY planters, including flowers, herbs, succulents, vegetables, and small trees, depending on the size and design of the planter.

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Can I use any container as a planter?

As long as they drain well and are safe for plants, you can use a lot of different containers to make your own pots. When picking out a pot, make sure to think about what your plants need.

What are the essential elements for a successful DIY planter?

For DIY containers to work, they need to have good drainage, the right potting soil, the right plants, and the right amount of water. It’s also important to make sure your plants get enough air.

Are there any specific tools I need for making DIY planters?

Some popular tools are a saw, scissors, a drill, screws, nails, and gardening gloves. The tools you need will depend on the project. For example, you need cord and a wooden ring to make a macramé plant hanger.

Can I use DIY planters indoors and outdoors?

Indeed, a lot of the planters you make yourself can be used inside or outside, based on the plants you use. Just make sure that the plants you choose will do well in the area.

Are DIY planters suitable for beginners?

Of course! There are a lot of easy DIY planter projects that can be a great way to start growing and making things. You should start with easy jobs and move up as you feel more adept.

What are some low-cost materials I can use for DIY planters?

You can make cheap planters out of old shoes, tin cans, wooden boards, or wooden crates that have been used for something else. This is a long-term solution that won’t break the bank.

Can I personalize my DIY planters?

Absolutely, one of the good things about making your own pots is that you can make them unique. They are yours to paint, decorate, or fill with plants that show off your personal style and tastes.

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