Urban Decay Stay Naked Foundation Review

Urban Decay Stay Naked Foundation

Urban Decay Stay Naked Foundation

Urban Decay Stay Naked Foundation stands out as a highly regarded makeup choice, celebrated for its enduring coverage and weightless feel. It aims to deliver a natural finish, distinguishing itself from heavier full-coverage options.


Comprising a blend of water, dimethicone, and diverse pigments, the Foundation typically excludes parabens, sulfates, and phthalates. These components synergize to ensure smooth application and enduring coverage.

Packaging and Design

Encased in a sophisticated cylindrical bottle equipped with a pump dispenser, the foundation prioritizes both convenience and cleanliness. Urban Decay’s contemporary design philosophy is evident in the packaging, enhancing its visual appeal.

Texture and Scent

The Foundation is recognized for its feather-light texture, facilitating effortless blending and adaptable coverage. Additionally, its subtle fragrance or lack thereof accommodates individuals with scent sensitivities.

Application and Usage

Application of the Foundation is uncomplicated, allowing for usage with a makeup sponge, brush, or fingers. Commencing with a modest amount and gradually building coverage accommodates diverse makeup preferences and occasions.

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There is a seamless, natural finish achieved with the Foundation. Its adept coverage conceals flaws while ensuring a breathable sensation, making it versatile for various settings.

My Experience

Drawing from personal encounters, the Foundation has consistently met expectations. The foundation’s lightweight feel and impressive coverage make it a preferred choice for both casual and formal settings, maintaining a natural finish throughout the day.

Similar Products

Alternatives such as NARS Natural Radiant Longwear Foundation, Too Faced Born This Way Foundation, and Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation offer similar features while catering to a comparable audience.


  • Lightweight texture guarantees comfortable and enduring wear.
  • The packaging is sophisticated, featuring a hygienic pump dispenser.
  • Adjustable coverage suits diverse makeup preferences.
  •  A natural finish is achieved without an overpowering fragrance.


  • Potential lack of hydration for individuals with very dry skin.
  • Some users might find the price higher compared to budget-friendly alternatives.
  • The shade range is relatively limited when compared to other foundation options.

Frequently Asked Questions About Urban Decay Stay Naked Foundation

1. Is Urban Decay Stay Naked Foundation suitable for sensitive skin?

The Foundation generally caters to sensitive skin, given its usually fragrance-free composition. However, checking the ingredient list is advisable for specific sensitivities.

2. Can Urban Decay Stay Naked Foundation be used for special occasions?

Indeed, the foundation’s buildable coverage renders it adaptable for both daily wear and special events.

3. Is the foundation resistant to transfer?

The Foundation is acknowledged for its transfer-resistant formula, maintaining its integrity throughout the day.

4. Can individuals with very dry skin use this foundation?

Individuals with very dry skin may need to ensure adequate moisturization before applying the Foundation, as it tends to have a matte finish that may not provide sufficient hydration.

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5. Is the foundation versatile for various makeup styles?

Yes, the foundation’s adaptable coverage makes it versatile, catering to different makeup preferences and styles.

6. How long does the foundation’s natural finish last?

The natural finish of Urban Decay Stay Naked Foundation is known for its longevity, maintaining its appearance throughout the day.

7. What is the design of the packaging, and does it include a pump dispenser?

Urban Decay Stay Naked Foundation is presented in a modern cylindrical bottle with a pump dispenser, ensuring both convenience and hygiene in its usage.

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