Pillow Talk Lipstick Review

pillow talk lipstick

Pillow Talk Lipstick

One of Charlotte Tilbury’s most well-liked beauty gems is the Pillow Talk Lipstick. It is a part of the Matte Revolution line, which is renowned for its opulent matte finish. The color is a lovely nude-pink that works well on a variety of complexion tones. It is a favorite option for daily wear since it is made to offer comfort and color.


Nutritious components are used in the lipstick.

  • Lipstick tree extract
  • Orchid extract.
  • 3D sparkling pigments

Packaging and Design

Charlotte Tilbury’s distinctive emblem is emblazoned on a chic rose-gold lipstick tube.
It’s a pleasure to have the packaging on your vanity because it radiates sophistication and elegance.

Texture and Scent

It glides smoothly without feeling dry because of the moisturizing matte texture.
The smell is lovely and mild, not overbearing.

Application and Usage

  1. Apply straight from the bullet or, for greater accuracy, use a lip brush.
  2. Work your way outward from the center of your lips.
  3. Lips can be slightly overlined for a broader appearance.
  4. To achieve a more natural finish, blot with a tissue.
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Your natural lip color is enhanced by the gentle, rosy tint that the Pillow Talk shade adds.
Lips seem silky and full because of the matte formula.

My Experience

Pillow Talk instantly improves appearances. This shade is adaptable and looks great throughout the day and at night.

Similar Products

Here are some alternatives, MAC Cosmetics – Velvet Teddy, NARS – Dolce Vita, Urban Decay – Backtalk, Maybelline – Touch of Spice (Color Sensational Matte Lipstick)


  • A shade that suits everyone.
  • Matte formula that is comfortable.
  • Tasteful packing.


  • The price point is high.
  • A matte finish might not be to everyone’s taste in textures.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pillow Talk Lipstick

1. Is Pillow Talk Lipstick cruelty-free?

Yes, it adheres to cruelty-free standards.

2. What’s the finish of Pillow Talk Lipstick?

It boasts a matte finish for a lasting effect.

3. Does it come in different shades?

Indeed, Pillow Talk Lipstick offers various shades for diverse preferences.

4. Is there an affordable version?

Charlotte Tilbury offers different price points; budget-friendly alternatives may exist.

5. How does its transferability compare?

Designed to minimize transfer for a polished look.

6. Can this Lipstick suit various skin tones?

Crafted to complement a broad spectrum of skin tones.

7. Is it suitable for daily wear?

Versatile and ideal for daily use, providing a timeless look.

8. Does Pillow Talk Lipstick have a fragrance?

Typically fragrance-free or with a subtle, pleasant scent.

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