NYX Total Control Drop Foundation Review

 NYX Total Control Drop Foundation

NYX Total Control Drop Foundation

Enter the NYX Total Control Drop Foundation, a makeup essential poised to transform your beauty regimen! This foundation is a true game-changer, offering unparalleled adaptability to match your individual skin requirements. Its airy texture and adjustable coverage make it the ultimate solution for achieving a flawless complexion.


The Foundation boasts a blend of essential ingredients. Water provides a fluid base, while cyclopentasiloxane ensures smooth application. Glycerin hydrates, and isododecane aids quick drying. Alcohol denat helps with rapid evaporation, and polyglyceryl-4 isostearate blends components. Hexyl laurate conditions, and dimethicone crosspolymer blurs imperfections. Aluminum starch octenylsuccinate controls shine, and acrylates copolymer enhances adherence. Phenoxyethanol preserves, and disteardimonium hectorite thickens. Ethylhexylglycerin conditions, and triethoxycaprylylsilane improves spreadability. Sodium dehydroacetate inhibits microbial growth, and propylene carbonate stabilizes. Disodium EDTA enhances stability, and ethylene brassylate adds fragrance.

Packaging and Design

The NYX Total Control Drop Foundation features a practical and visually appealing design. Its sleek bottle with a dropper allows for precise product dispensing. The transparent packaging offers a modern look and makes it easy to monitor usage. With its compact size, it’s perfect for travel. Overall, the foundation’s packaging combines functionality and style seamlessly.

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Texture and Scent

The NYX Total Control Drop Foundation offers a smooth and lightweight texture, effortlessly applying onto the skin for a seamless finish. Its airy feel allows for buildable coverage without any heaviness. Regarding scent, it presents a subtle and pleasing aroma, enhancing the overall luxurious feel of the foundation. The fragrance is gentle, making it suitable for individuals with scent sensitivities. Together, these attributes ensure an enjoyable application experience, leaving you with a flawless complexion and a subtle, delightful scent.

Application and Usage

The NYX Total Control Drop Foundation offers a simple and adaptable application method, accommodating various preferences and needs. To use, dispense a few drops onto your chosen makeup tool, like a brush or sponge, and blend onto your skin using gentle outward motions until reaching your desired coverage level. Its lightweight consistency allows for seamless layering without feeling heavy. Whether you opt for a sheer, natural look or a more intense finish, this foundation effortlessly adjusts to your preferences. Moreover, it can be mixed with moisturizer or other products to customize your makeup routine.


Using the NYX Total Control Drop Foundation yields remarkable outcomes, granting a flawless and glowing complexion. It effortlessly conceals imperfections like uneven skin tone and blemishes, leaving behind a smooth and uniform appearance. With its customizable coverage, you can achieve your desired level of perfection, whether aiming for a natural or full coverage look. The foundation maintains its flawless finish throughout the day, resisting fading and creasing. Moreover, it imparts a luminous and dewy radiance that lasts, enhancing your overall complexion with a healthy glow.

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My Experience

My encounter with the NYX Total Control Drop Foundation has been outstanding. It impressed me with its lightweight texture and easy application. The foundation seamlessly blended, offering a natural finish that I could customize to my liking. Throughout the day, it stayed flawless without feeling heavy. I was particularly pleased with how it concealed imperfections and evened my skin tone subtly. Plus, its luminous finish gave me a confidence boost, leaving me feeling radiant.

Similar Products

Several brands offer products similar to the Foundation. Firstly, Fenty Beauty presents the Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation, renowned for its buildable coverage and matte finish. Secondly, Cover FX provides Custom Cover Drops, allowing users to tailor their coverage by mixing them with other products. Similarly, L’Oréal Paris offers the True Match Super-Blendable Foundation, known for its lightweight formula and extensive shade range.


1. Adjustable Coverage: The Foundation allows you to tailor the coverage level to your preference, offering flexibility.

2. Featherweight Texture: Its light formula feels barely there on your skin, ensuring comfort all day long.

3. Enduring Wear: This foundation stays put for extended periods without requiring frequent touch-ups, ensuring lasting perfection.

4. Diverse Shade Selection: With a wide array of hues available, there’s a perfect match for every complexion, promoting inclusivity.

5. Layerable Formula: Whether you fancy a sheer, natural look or a full coverage finish, this foundation can be built up for your desired effect.

6. Skin-Nourishing Components: Enriched with hydrating oils and moisturizing agents, it not only provides coverage but also pampers your skin, leaving it feeling moisturized and soft.


1. Requires Diligent Blending: Given its high pigment concentration, thorough blending is crucial to prevent streaks or uneven application.

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2. Prone to Spillage: While the dropper packaging is convenient for dispensing, it can sometimes lead to messiness or product wastage if not handled with care.

3. Limited Accessibility: Depending on your location, obtaining the Foundation may pose a challenge compared to other brands.

4. Possible Color Change: Some users have noted a slight darkening of the foundation over time, which necessitates careful color matching.

5. Sensitivity to Fragrance: Although the scent is mild and pleasant for most, individuals with fragrance sensitivities may find it mildly irritating.

Frequently Asked Questions About NYX Total Control Drop Foundation

1. Is it possible to blend the NYX Total Control Drop Foundation with moisturizer?

Yes, you can mix it with moisturizer for a sheerer coverage or to customize your desired finish.

2. Does the NYX Total Control Drop Foundation cater to all skin types?

Indeed, it’s crafted to accommodate diverse skin types, including oily, dry, and combination skin.

3. What’s the recommended amount of foundation drops for ideal coverage?

You can start with a few drops and adjust to your preference for coverage, as it’s customizable.

4. Does the NYX Total Control Drop Foundation undergo oxidation?

Some users have noted minor oxidation over time, suggesting color matching and monitoring wear for best results.

5. Can this foundation serve as a concealer?

While primarily a foundation, it can be utilized for spot-concealing or building coverage on specific areas as needed.

6. Is the NYX Total Control Drop Foundation long-lasting?

Absolutely, it maintains its impressive wear for extended periods, minimizing the need for touch-ups.

7. Is there a noticeable fragrance in the foundation?

Yes, it offers a subtle and pleasant scent, suitable for individuals with fragrance sensitivities.

8. How do I determine the right shade for my skin tone?

NYX provides a diverse range of shades, and you can try swatching in-store or use online tools for shade matching.

9. Can I rely on the NYX Total Control Drop Foundation for special occasions?

Certainly! Its adaptable coverage and enduring formula make it suitable for both everyday wear and special events.


In summary, the NYX Total Control Drop Foundation is an essential addition to anyone’s beauty arsenal, promising a flawless complexion effortlessly. Its adjustable coverage, lightweight formula, and enduring wear make it a standout choice in the realm of cosmetics. Say hello to your new beauty essential!

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