NARS Lipstick Review

nars lipstick

NARS Lipstick

NARS lipstick, a renowned cosmetic offering from NARS Cosmetics, stands out for its diverse color spectrum, aiming to deliver enduring color and various finishes suitable for different preferences and occasions.


The composition of NARS lipstick varies based on the shade and product line, typically incorporating diverse waxes, oils, and pigments.

Packaging and Design

The lipstick is commonly presented in a minimalist and sleek design, often characterized by the brand’s iconic matte black casing. The packaging, both elegant and functional, sometimes features secure magnetic closures.

Texture and Scent

NARS lipsticks textures range from sheer to matte finishes, offering versatility. The scent is often subtle or absent, providing a fragrance-free experience for users.

Application and Usage

Application of the lipsticks are designed to be effortless, ensuring a smooth glide onto the lips. Direct application from the bullet or precision with a lip brush is possible. The range accommodates both subtle and bold looks.


NARS lipstick is acclaimed for its vivid color payoff, presenting a variety of finishes, including matte, satin, or glossy. Users often experience long-lasting wear with comfort throughout the day.

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My Experience

This is an adventurous selection for those who appreciate vibrant tones. Typically, they maintain their color for about four to six hours and offer a subtle level of hydration.

Similar Products

Comparable lipsticks include MAC Lipstick, Bobbi Brown Luxe Lip Color, and Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté Shine Lipstick, each offering a unique array of shades and finishes.


  • A broad color spectrum catering to diverse preferences.
  • Chic and sophisticated packaging.
  • Prolonged and comfortable wear.
  • Options for various finishes.


  • Certain formulations may be more dehydrating, particularly matte variants.
  • Relatively higher cost compared to select drugstore alternatives.
  • Limited accessibility in certain regions.

Frequently Asked Questions About NARS lipsticks

1. Are NARS lipsticks cruelty-free?

NARS Cosmetics adheres to cruelty-free practices, not conducting animal testing on their products, based on information as of my last update in January 2022.

2. Can NARS lipstick serve as a lip liner?

While primarily designed as lipstick, some users opt to use it as a lip liner; however, for precise outlining, NARS also offers dedicated lip liners.

3. Do NARS lipsticks contain parabens?

The presence of parabens may differ among various NARS lipstick formulations.

4. How long does NARS lipstick typically last on the lips?

NARS lipsticks boast enduring wear, with the duration dependent on the specific formulation and individual factors.

5. Are there recommended techniques for applying NARS lipstick?

NARS lipsticks offer user-friendly application, allowing for direct use from the bullet or precision with a lip brush.

6. How should NARS lipstick be stored for optimal freshness?

To maintain quality and prevent melting, it is advisable to store the lipstick in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

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7. How many finishes does NARS offer for their lipsticks?

NARS provides a diverse range of finishes, including matte, satin, and glossy, catering to individual preferences and diverse occasions.

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