How to Get Sunscreen Out of Eyes

How to Get Sunscreen Out of Eyes

How to Get Sunscreen Out of Your Eyes

Sunscreen is essential for protecting our skin from harmful UV rays, but sometimes it can be a little too enthusiastic and end up in our eyes. Ouch! If you’ve ever experienced that stinging sensation, hang on because we’ll quickly explore how to get sunscreen out of your eyes so you can get back to enjoying the sunshine without the discomfort.

Flushing Your Eyes

Rinse Your Eyes with Warm Water

  • Head to the nearest bathroom or kitchen sink.
  • Set the faucet to a gentle flow of lukewarm water.
  • Bend over and position your eye under the faucet, turning your head as necessary.
  • Let the water flow across your face, passing over your eye, and hold your eye open to rinse it.
  • Continue doing this for about 15 minutes to completely flush out the sunscreen from your eye.
  • If you’re in the shower, tilt your face toward the shower head and let a gentle stream of warm water flow from your forehead down into your held-open eye.
  • Remember to wash your hands beforehand.
  • Note: If you wear contact lenses, remove them before flushing your eyes.
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Use a Cup of Warm Water

  • If you don’t have access to a faucet, grab a clean cup.
  • Fill it with warm water.
  • Tilt your head back and rest the edge of the cup on the bone just beneath your eye.Gently tilt the cup to spill water into your eye socket while holding your eye open with your free hand.

Use Eye Drops

  • Apply mild, moisturizing eye drops to the inner corner of your eye.
  • Blink rapidly to allow the liquid to rinse the surface of your eye.
  • Avoid eye drops that say “super cleaning” on the label or contain hydrogen peroxide, as these can further irritate your eye.
  • Using eye drops in addition to warm water helps flush your eye, restore moisture, and soothe irritation.

Rest and Recover

  • Find a shady or dim area.
  • Keep your eyes closed for 15-30 minutes.
  • Your eyes have been through a lot and are likely reddened and still a bit irritated.
  • Wet a washcloth with cold water and lay it over your eyes to relieve some pain during recovery.
  • If your eyes continue to sting after a few hours, seek help from emergency services.
  • If you’re helping someone else, ask them how they’re feeling periodically.

Prevention Tips

1. Apply Sunscreen Carefully: Be mindful when applying sunscreen around your eyes. Use a gentle touch and avoid getting it too close to the eye area.

2. Wear Sunglasses: A stylish pair of sunglasses not only protects your eyes from UV rays but also acts as a barrier against sunscreen drips.

3. Choose Eye-Friendly Sunscreen: Opt for mineral-based sunscreens that are less likely to irritate your eyes.

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4. Avoid Rubbing Your Eyes: If you accidentally get sunscreen in your eyes, resist the urge to rub them. It’ll only make matters worse.

Frequently Asked Questions On How to Get Sunscreen Out of Eyes

1. What should I do if sunscreen gets into my eyes?

If sunscreen accidentally gets into your eyes, it’s important not to panic. Avoid rubbing your eyes, as this can further irritate them.

2. How can I safely remove sunscreen from my eyes?

Begin by rinsing your eyes with lukewarm water. Tilt your head back and gently flush your eyes with water for several seconds to help wash away the sunscreen.

3. Can I use eye drops to flush out sunscreen from my eyes?

Yes, you can use sterile eye drops or artificial tears to help flush out the particles from your eyes. Follow the instructions on the eye drop packaging for safe usage.

4. Should I use a washcloth or tissue to wipe sunscreen from my eyes?

It’s best to avoid using a washcloth or tissue to wipe it from your eyes, as this can cause further irritation. Stick to rinsing with water or using eye drops.

5. How long should I rinse my eyes if sunscreen gets into them?

Rinse your eyes with lukewarm water for at least 15 to 20 seconds to ensure thorough flushing and removal of sunscreen particles.

6. What if my eyes continue to feel irritated after rinsing?

If your eyes still feel irritated after rinsing, refrain from rubbing them and consult with an eye care professional for further guidance.

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7. Can I prevent sunscreen from getting into my eyes in the future?

To prevent sunscreen from getting into your eyes, be cautious when applying it around the eye area. Use gentle patting motions and avoid applying too close to the eyes.

8. Should I seek medical attention if my eyes are severely irritated after exposure?

If you experience severe irritation, redness, or vision changes after sunscreen exposure, seek medical attention promptly. It’s important to address any eye discomfort or issues to prevent further complications.

9. Are there sunscreen formulations specifically designed for sensitive eye areas?

Yes, some formulations are designed to be gentle on sensitive areas, including the eye area. Look for products labeled as “eye-safe” or “ophthalmologist-tested” for added reassurance.


Remember, even the best of us end up with sunscreen mishaps. Follow these steps, and you’ll be back to enjoying the great outdoors with clear, comfortable eyes

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