8 Brown Girl Approved Holiday Lipstick Shades

8 Brown Girl Approved Holiday Lipstick Shades

Brown Girl Approved Holiday Lipstick Shades

The holiday season is all about spreading joy, showing love to one another and being loved in return, and of course, looking fantastic. If you are brown-skinned, you probably already know how difficult it can be to select the right shade of lipstick to complement your complexion. But don’t worry, because we’re here to make your holiday makeup game strong with a range of lipstick shades that have been “Brown Girl Approved.” Get ready to rock the holiday season with these beautiful colors that look great on your skin.

1. Classic Red

Classic Red

A basic red lip is always in style, especially around the holidays. Deep, rich reds with warm undertones look best on brown skin. This will make your skin look beautiful and add a touch of style to your holiday outfit. Think of hot, smooth reds that make your lips stand out.

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2. Burgundy Bliss

Burgundy Bliss

Choose burgundy lipstick tones for a passionate and enticing look. Lipsticks that are deep wine colors with hints of plum and maroon can look great on brown skin. Wearing them makes you look elegant, and they look great with your glowing face.

3. Berry Beauty

Berry Beauty

Berries aren’t just for food; they also look great as lipstick. Berry shades, which range from deep purples to bright pinks, can make your holiday makeup look new. These colors bring out your skin’s warm highlights, making you look incredibly young and beautiful.

4. Chocolate Charisma

Chocolate Charisma

Trendy or not, dark lipsticks look great on a lot of skin tones. From light milk chocolate tones to deep cocoa tones, these lipsticks can make you look warm and friendly. In addition to looking good with your skin tone, they make you look warm and ready for winter.

5. Golden Glow

Golden Glow

This holiday season, if you want your lips to sparkle a little, try metallic or shiny ones. Deep gold or copper colors can make your holiday makeup sparkle. These shades look great in the sun and bring out your skin’s natural warmth.

6. Nude Neutrals

Nude Neutrals

If you want to look classy and discreet, neutral lipstick can be a great choice. Select neutral colors with warm undertones to avoid looking too pale. These lipsticks make your natural beauty stand out and give you a new, simple look.

7. Terracotta Temptation

Terracotta Temptation

Shades of terracotta are daring and look beautiful on brown skin. With their warm and exotic look, these rich colors with reddish-brown undertones are great for the holiday season.

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8. Pink Power

Pink Power

Holidays are a great time to wear pink lipstick because it makes you feel romantic. For darker skin tones, choose pink or fuchsia. These colors make your natural brightness stand out and give your look a bit of fun.


Don’t be afraid to try out different shades of lipstick this holiday season to find the one that looks best on you. With these “Brown Girl Approved” lipstick shades, you can enjoy the holidays with self-assurance and love for your unique beauty. No matter what color you choose—classic red, deep burgundy, or something else that speaks to you—remember that you’re a picture of beauty and class, ready to shine in style!

FAQs About Brown Girl Approved Holiday Lipstick Shades

What are “Brown Girl Approved” lipstick shades?

“Brown Girl Approved” lipstick shades are ideal for people with brown or darker skin tones because they bring out their natural beauty and go well with their skin tone.

Are classic red lipsticks suitable for brown skin?

Classic red lipsticks with warm undertones are a great choice for people with brown skin. They make you look classy and make your lips stand out.

How can I choose the right burgundy lipstick for my skin tone?

Choose deep red shades with undertones of wine, plum, or maroon. These colors are bright and look great on people with brown skin.

What are berry lipstick shades, and why are they good for brown skin?

There are many colors of berries, from deep purples to bright pinks. They can give your holiday makeup a new look, make your skin look soft, and make you look younger.

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Can brown lipstick shades be a good holiday choice for brown skin?

Yes, dark lipstick can look good on brown skin and be worn in many ways. They come in different shades of chocolate, from soft milk chocolate to dark cocoa. They will make you look warmer this winter.

How can I make metallic or shimmery lip shades work for me during the holidays?

To make your holiday makeup sparkle, choose bright gold or copper shades. These colors look beautiful when they catch the light and bring out the warmth of brown skin.

Are nude lipstick shades suitable for brown skin?

For a soft, classy look, dull lipstick can be a great pick. If you have dark skin, choose a neutral color with warm undertones that will bring out your natural beauty.

What are terracotta lipstick shades, and why are they a bold choice for brown skin?

The undertones of terracotta colors are reddish brown. They have a bold, foreign look that looks great on brown skin, which makes them perfect for the holidays.

Can pink lipsticks work for brown skin during the holidays?

At this time of year, darker pinks like magenta and fuchsia can be flirty and fun on brown skin. They make you look livelier and bring out your natural color.

How do I know which lipstick shade is best for me?

Try out a few different shades to see which one looks best on you. It’s okay to try new colors as long as you keep your skin tone in mind. Being sure of yourself is important for any lipstick shade.

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