Trader Joe’s Sunscreen: Good For All Skin

Trader Joe's Sunscreen

Trader Joe’s Sunscreen

Trader Joe’s Sunscreen SPF 40 is a lightweight and non-greasy sunscreen that is specifically made for daily use on the face. With broad spectrum SPF 40 protection, it aims to shield the skin from harmful UV rays while providing hydration and nourishment.

Trader Joe’s Sunscreen, the daily SPF 40 is oxybenzone-free making it a safer option and it can be used either on its own or as a wonderful matte primer under make-up.


This sunscreen contains active ingredients such as Avobenzone, Homosalate, Octisalate, and Octocrylene, providing effective sun protection. It also includes nourishing ingredients like Vitamin E and Aloe Vera to soothe and moisturize the skin.

Packaging and Design

The sunscreen comes in a sleek and travel-friendly tube with a flip-top cap, making it easy to dispense the product without any mess. The design is minimalistic yet functional, with clear labeling for easy identification.

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Texture and Scent

The sunscreen has a lightweight and silky-smooth texture that glides effortlessly onto the skin without leaving a greasy residue. It has a subtle, pleasant scent that is not overpowering and fades quickly after application.

Expected Results

Users can expect effective protection against both UVA and UVB rays, helping to prevent sunburn, premature aging, and skin damage. Additionally, the moisturizing ingredients help to keep the skin hydrated and supple throughout the day.

Application and Usage

Apply a generous amount of sunscreen evenly onto cleansed dry skin at least 15 minutes before sun exposure. Reapply every two hours or more frequently if swimming or sweating heavily.


1. High SPF 40 protection against UVA and UVB rays.

2. Lightweight and non-greasy formula.

3. Contains nourishing ingredients like Vitamin E and Aloe Vera.

4. Minimalistic and travel-friendly packaging.

5. Affordable price point.


1. May leave a slight white cast on darker skin tones.

2. Some users may prefer a fragrance-free option.

3. Requires regular reapplication for optimal protection.

Frequently Asked Questions on Trader Joe’s Sunscreen

1. Is Trader Joe’s Sunscreen suitable for all skin types?

Yes, it is gentle and suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

2. Can I use Trader Joe’s sunscreen under makeup? 

Yes, this sunscreen has a lightweight and non-greasy formula that makes it suitable for wearing under makeup. Allow it to fully absorb into the skin before applying makeup for best results.

3. Is Trader Joe’s Sunscreen water-resistant?

While this sunscreen offers excellent protection, it is not water-resistant. It is recommended to reapply after swimming or sweating heavily to maintain its effectiveness.

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4. Does the  Trader Joe’s Sunscreen leave a white cast on the skin?

Some users with darker skin tones may experience a slight white cast upon application due to the zinc oxide content in the sunscreen. However, this can be minimized by ensuring thorough blending into the skin.

5. How often should I reapply this sunscreen?

Re-apply every two hours or more frequently if swimming or sweating heavily to ensure continuous protection against UV rays.

6. Can I use this sunscreen on my body as well as my face?

Yes, It can also be used on other exposed areas of the body for additional sun protection.

7. Is this sunscreen fragrance-free?

No, but the fragrance is not overpowering and fades quickly after application. However, some users with fragrance sensitivities may prefer a fragrance-free option.

8. Is this sunscreen cruelty-free and vegan?

Trader Joe offers cruelty-free products, and this sunscreen is not tested on animals. However, it’s always best to double-check for specific vegan certifications if required.

9. Can I use Trader Joe’s Sunscreen on children?

While Trader Joe’s Daily SPF 40 Sunscreen is suitable for adults, it is always recommended to consult with a pediatrician before using any skincare products on children, especially infants and toddlers.

10. How does this sunscreen compare to other SPF products on the market?

Trader Joe’s Daily SPF 40 Sunscreen offers broad-spectrum protection with a lightweight and non-greasy formula at an affordable price point, making it a popular choice among consumers seeking effective sun protection for daily use. However, individual preferences may vary, so it’s essential to consider personal skin type and preferences when choosing a sunscreen.

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Overall, Trader Joe’s Daily Facial Sunscreen SPF 40 is a reliable option for daily sun protection, offering effective SPF coverage and moisturization without breaking the bank.

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