Stila Eyeliner Review

stila eyeliner

Stila Eyeliner

Stila Eyeliner is a well-known cosmetic item valued for its enduring wear and precision. Recognized for its vivid pigmentation and user-friendly application, this eyeliner has become a staple in the makeup collections of many enthusiasts.


Comprising top-notch components, Stila Eyeliner typically contains water, iron oxides for color, and polymers for a seamless application. The formula is carefully crafted to be gentle on the delicate eye area, avoiding common irritants.

Packaging and Design

Packaged in a sleek, slender tube, Stila Eyeliners features both practical and chic design. The pen-style applicator, offering precision, enables the creation of intricate eyeliner looks.

Texture and Scent

Boasting a smooth and creamy texture, Stila Eyeliner effortlessly glides onto eyelids. Usually lacking fragrance, it caters to those who prefer products without added scents.

Application and Usage

Applying Stila Eyeliner is a simple task. The fine tip of the pen facilitates precise lines, whether aiming for a subtle everyday look or a bold, dramatic style. The formula sets quickly, preventing smudging throughout the day.

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Users frequently commend the Eyeliner for producing sharp, well-defined lines that endure. The rich pigmentation enhances eyes with a bold and striking appearance, offering a professionally finished look.

My Experience

Personally, incorporating this Eyeliner into my makeup routine has been transformative. The applicator’s precision and the enduring formula make it my preferred choice for achieving a refined and defined eye appearance.

Similar Products

Comparable items in the market include Urban Decay Perversion Waterproof Fine-Point Eye Pen and Kat Von D Tattoo Liner.


  • Accurate application with a fine-tip pen.
  • Long-lasting formula resistant to smudging.
  • Vibrant pigmentation for striking eye looks.
  • Chic and practical packaging.


  • Some users may perceive it as relatively pricier compared to similar eyeliner alternatives.
  • The color range may be more limited compared to other brands.

Frequently Asked Questions About Stila Eyeliner

1. What distinguishes Stila Eyeliner from other eyeliners available?

Stila Eyeliner stands out due to its enduring wear, precise application, and vibrant pigmentation, making it a preferred choice for many users.

2. Are there specific ingredients in Stila Eyeliner that may be a concern for sensitive skin?

Formulated with high-quality ingredients, the Eyeliner is crafted to be gentle on the delicate eye area and free from common irritants.

3. How does the packaging of Stila Eyeliner contribute to its appeal?

Packaged in a slim, sleek tube with a pen-style applicator, the Eyeliner combines practicality with stylish design, enabling precise detailing in eyeliner application.

4. Is there a particular fragrance associated with Stila Eyeliner?

Generally, the Eyeliner is reported to be free from fragrance, catering to individuals who prefer products without added scents.

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5. Can Stila Eyeliner be easily applied for both everyday looks and more dramatic styles?

Yes, the fine tip of the pen-style applicator facilitates precise lines, making the Eyeliners versatile for both subtle daily looks and bold, dramatic styles.

6. How long can I expect the results of Stila Eyeliner to last without smudging?

The Eyeliner is known for its fast-setting formula, providing sharp, well-defined lines that resist smudging throughout the day.

7. Is Stila Eyeliner suitable for sensitive eyes?

Yes, the formulation of the Eyeliner is meticulously created to be gentle and safe for use on sensitive eyes, avoiding common irritants.

8. Can Stila Eyeliner be easily removed at the end of the day?

While long-lasting, the Eyeliner can be effectively removed with makeup removers or cleansing products designed for eye makeup removal.

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