Uncovering Innisfree Sunscreen Mystery

innisfree sunscreen

Innisfree Sunscreen

Innisfree Sunscreen comes in different types and this Intensive Triple-Shield Sunscreen, a physical sunscreen that reflects UV rays from the skin surface is one of their SPF 50 complaint sunscreens hence why we chose it.

This physical sunscreen protects your skin against the sun by forming a protective layer on the surface of your skin to deflect damaging UV rays.

This Innisfree sunscreen ( has to be one of the improved mineral sunscreens out there that truly does not leave a white cast. It also reduces the appearance of wrinkles and brightens the skin.


Zinc oxide, Titanium dioxide, and green tea extract

Packaging and Design

The sunscreen comes in a sleek and practical tube, making it easy to dispense the desired amount without unnecessary wastage.

Texture and Scent

The sunscreen has a lightweight and non-greasy texture, allowing for easy application and quick absorption. Its pleasant scent is subtle, making it suitable for individuals sensitive to strong fragrances.

Application and Usage

Pump enough sunscreen onto two fingertips. The amount should be approximately equivalent to the length of two adult fingers and massage onto your face. Remember that this is the last step of your skincare routine.

Apply in the morning then reapply every 2 hours during the day to ensure maximum sun protection.

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Innisfree Intensive Triple-Shield Sunscreen is designed to provide long-lasting protection, leaving the skin hydrated and shielded from the sun’s harmful effects. Users can expect a matte finish that works well under makeup, making it suitable for daily use.


1. This has to be the first mineral sunscreen I’ve reviewed so far that truly does not leave a white cast.

2. It is water-resistant sunscreen

3. Broad-spectrum protection with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.

4. Lightweight and non-greasy texture for easy application.

5. Pleasant and subtle scent, suitable for sensitive skin.

6. Contains antioxidants for added skincare benefits.

7. Matte finish ideal for use under makeup.


1. Some users with very oily skin may find it slightly rich.n


Frequently Asked Questions on Innisfree Sunscreen

1. Is Innisfree Sunscreen suitable for all skin types?

Yes, it is designed for various skin types, but patch testing is recommended for sensitive skin.

2. Can the Innisfree sunscreen be used under makeup?

Yes, its lightweight texture makes it an excellent base for makeup.

3. What country makes the sunscreen?

South Korea the Innisfree sunscreen

4. Is it water-resistant?

While it provides water-resistant protection, reapplication after water exposure is recommended.


One thing about the Intensive Triple-Shield Sunscreen by Innisfree Sunscreen is that its pros outweigh the minor cons making it a reliable choice for those seeking reliable sun protection with its triple-defense system.

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